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LimeLights Youth Theatre Program

Sponsorship Opportunities

The LimeLights started to revamp the youth program in 2016. What started as a summer camp has turned into an arts education program that lasts all year long. We pride ourselves on having a diverse set of classes and educators on staff to bring forth any and all elements of art. Each semester has anywhere from 12-16 classes, workshops, and/or productions going on in our space. 

Instructor fees, tuition, supplies, production rights, costumes, props, advertising, scholarship funds, and funding special events for the children are all examples of the costs that go into running a successful children's arts program.

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Scholarship Opportunities

In 2016 LimeLights reached around 50 kids, which was an amazing number when we were just starting out. It has grown immensely since then, and currently we have had over 150 kids come through our doors. However we know of many more who have not been able to walk through our doors because of the cost. 

The arts can be expensive. Many families don’t even think about enrolling, due to the costs that normally surround such opportunities. We never want tuition costs to be the reason that a student misses out. 

Donate to Support Youth Education


We have big plans for the LimeLights program. It has grown astronomically over the past couple of years and there are no plans of slowing down any time soon. 


In 2018, there was one semester, and it featured fewer than ten classes/performances. In 2019, there were two semesters with a combined class/performance count of thirty-three opportunities for students. We know that we can do even more, and that we can make each and every one of these events even better! 

Each contribution takes the LimeLights one step closer to having the ability to offer more for less. Although students are currently taught by educated and experienced instructors and directors, wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to hire professionals to come in and do master classes with our students? Aspiring designers, stage managers, and performers would have the rare opportunity to receive guidance and be inspired by someone who works in Chicago, New York, or Texas Shakespeare!  Our choirs could be tuition free. Their uniforms costs could be waived. Our summer production’s rights, the costs for our art supplies, props, costumes, lighting and sound equipment, field trips to a Broadway show...all of these parts of the experience and more could be covered by your generous donations. We dream big; and although it may take time, our community deserves a program capable of showing their students everything the theatre world has to offer.

The LimeLights program takes pride in having a diverse array of classes and qualified educators on staff to bring forth any and all elements of art. Partaking in this sponsorship means that you are actively taking a role in the programs bright future; and in doing so, the future of countless young and aspiring artists.

Donate to the Scholarship Fund

Each year the programs become bigger and  better, with more staff, full detailed costumes, props, se

The LimeLights focuses on the education, confidence, and creative growth of our youth through hands-on artistic experiences. Whether a child dreams of working as an actor, designer, director, artist, dancer, vocalist or stage manager, our program is designed to ignite their desired passions. Our classes are created to assist in the progression of our student’s communication, presentation, and teamwork skills, as well as their empathy and confidence.

The LimeLights tries to keep costs low for families. But still, we hear time and time again how many of our students “would” register but they “just can’t swing it at the moment.” Working in the arts is so beneficial to the development and well-being of anyone. But for the children... it can be life changing. They can find their niche, create their own little theatre family, and grow into strong, confident, and independent individuals.

Our students are asking for your support. We never want to turn away a child due to their current financial burden. Our staff of coordinators, instructors, and volunteers love the students and take pride in the work we do at Memorial Opera House. Our little village does all they can to nurture, educate, and assist in the progression of our students. We see the potential and growth in each one of them, but there are so many more out there waiting to be a part of this program. With your help, we can make a difference.